Motorized Rotary Stage

Motorized Rotary Stage medMotorized_Rotary_Stage_picture.jpg

With the addition of the new Motorized Rotary Stage, parts can now be rotated a full 360-degrees to get profile images and measurements from every aspect of the part. Of course, all of these measurements are taken in real-time as the part rotates within the field of view.

The OASIS software has been enhanced to work with the new Rotary Stage in two modes of operation:

The first is continuous mode. As with all OASIS measurements, dimensions are displayed in real-time with a traffic-light color coded display panel to easily see the status of all dimensions; Green is pass, Yellow is outside the warning levels, and Red is fail - beyond the specified tolerance limits. The part will continuously rotate on the stage, at a userdefined rotational speed, allowing the operator to view the measurements and status display panel as the part turns.

Second is a fixed duration mode. Within the OASIS part program, the user defines how many rotations for the Rotary Stage to make and how many times to measure the part while rotating. Once the cycle is complete, the OASIS displays the actual measurements of Minimum, Average, Maximum, and Range for every dimension. A single click saves all of the data on the OASIS.

By adding the Rotary Stage to the OASIS, inspectors can insure that their parts are within specification limits all the way around without manually turning the part. In addition, rotating the part adds the ability to check additional features such as roundness and concentricity. With the included software update, all of this additional data is recorded with the built-in OASIS Inspection Report or can be automatically imported into any SPC program.