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Tool Menu

Dimensioning tools are provided to
perform various types of

Trace Field Set-Up

Go to Options- Trace Field Set-
up...great tool!

Zoom Feature

The Zoom Feature is used to
expand a portion of the image.

Thread Measurement

The NPT Thread Tool and the
Unified/ISO Thread Tool measures
multiple features on a thread.

Pitch Tool

The Pitch Tool can be used to measure
the Pitch of any repetitive pattern or
count how many patterns per unit

Password Protect

You can set a Password to secure your
inspection programs, option settings
and calibration data.

Off-Set Diameter

The Offset Diameter Feature measures
the diameter of a taper offset from an
edge by a given reference distance.

Message Feature

Messages can be issued on two
instances-when a program opens or
after the Data button is clicked.

Math Function

Math Tool includes addition,
subtraction, multiplication, division,
greater than, less than and average.

Gage Line Tool

The Gage Line Tool finds the location
on a tapered profile at which it
measures an exact diameter.


The File-Linking Tool can be used to
execute two or more part programs in
automatic sequence and have the data
saved in a common file.

Construction Tool

The Contruction feature includes lines,
points, tangent points and circles.

90 Degree Glass Stage

The OASIS flips 90 degrees to allow
vertical operations

Creating a Part Program

It's as simple as drag-and-drop to
specify the desired measurements.

Search For a Part Program

Go to file - search- and find a specific
part program file immediately within all
of your part programs.